Trish Langridge


Rodger Spiller has a gift for helping you see how you are as a Leader. REALLY see it. The week I spent in his classroom has been the most valuable of my Leadership Education journey.

The course allowed me to see myself through a different lens than other leadership courses I have been a part of. It allowed me a deeper level of understanding
about myself, as well as providing  the tools to enable me to CHANGE my style. Both in my personal and professional lives.

Change is terribly hard to achieve. Most people want to change something about themselves  – but slip readily back into their normal way of being after the initial spurt of willpower has been exhausted.
It is just over a year since I completed Rodger’s class, and I am still reflecting on what I learned and making adaptations to how I operate. My career has stepped up a notch, (I am just about to start a whole new career)
and in my personal life I am tangibly happier. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make a change and needs some help to make that happen for themselves.
You won’t regret it. The benefits are invaluable.

Sallie AJ Purser, Technology Services Operations Leader, IBM (October, 2013)

2. Watercare

Nine of Watercare’s Managers recently took part in the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge, facilitated by Dr Roger Spiller. The Leadership Challenge was specifically chosen as the programme goes to the heart of what Watercare is trying to achieve; building leaders who inspire, challenge and motivate their teams. The challenge is not for the faint hearted; participants open themselves up to feedback from their manager, direct reports and peers. They need to listen and reflect upon the feedback and then do something about it.

Rodger as the facilitator helped the team navigate the challenging journey. His style is understated, but he uses gentle humour, and demonstrates knowledge and empathy. He helped the team make sense of their feedback and inspired all of us to aim higher. In short Rodger is a star, his approach models great leadership while having some fun along the way.

Trish Langridge
Chief Services Officer
Watercare Services Ltd