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Tailor Designed Assessments


“WorkSmart recently partnered with us to deliver a fantastic 360 process for our senior employees. Their consulting advice helped me bring the core competencies of the role to life through a 360 based on observable behaviours, it really nailed what we wanted to achieve and created an informative document which lead to the most constructive development meetings we’ve had for this level — a great result for the employees and the business. They also turned it around in a ridiculously short time frame — thank you!”

—Emma Cartwright, Ogilvy Worldwide Public Relations

WorkSmart uses (and sells) 2020 Insight Gold to design and implement web-based, tailored 360° feedback for your organisation. We have over 25 years of experience in design and implementation of 360°s.

20/20 Insight GOLD is an amazingly flexible automated feedback system. The combination of locally installed administration software, web-based assessments, individual development planning tools and resources for facilitators makes it the complete feedback solution for any organization.

Additional assessment tools we use are: