Full-Service Approach

Full-Service Approach


As the representatives of the LPI in Australia, WorkSmart has taken thousands of leaders through this feedback process and we’ve learned a few things along the way.  One key obvious conclusion is that leaders are busy and that everything possible must be done to make the process smooth and simple.

As a result of our experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive support program to accompany the LPI which takes away the hassle and worry from those responsible for the program, while thoroughly supporting leaders in their efforts to achieve comprehensive results.

Here’s what the service program entails:

  1. We work closely our clients to develop a customized welcome email and simple instructions for the leaders.
  2. We develop a tight schedule of key dates for the program including a contingency window for a program extension, if necessary.
  3. While the program is running we send out twice-weekly reminders to all outstanding Leaders and Observers to maximize completion rates.
  4. With the same frequency, we send out Status Reports to the client to indicate how the group is progressing.
  5. On the morning of the final day of the program, we send out a reminder to all outstanding observers.
  6. At COB that same day we send a final Status Report to the client project manager and make a decision to extend by one additional week or close it off.
  7. If extended, we continue with the same process for another week.
  8. Upon completion, we send out individual and group reports and graphs to the client within 24 hours.
  9. If the leader or team has previously completed an LPI, we can generate any number of comparative reports to track individual or group progress with their Leadership Development.

In short, any feedback process requires this level of detailed care to run successfully.  WorkSmart is committed to this full level of service to ensure outstanding results while remaining extremely price-competitive.