About the LPI

lpi 360

  • The LPI is the world’s premier 360 leadership assessment. Over 4 million people have participated in the LPI assessment and over 500 masters and doctoral theses have been written using the LPI.
  • The LPI measures leadership practices proven (in numerous studies) to have a substantial impact on organisational success.
  • All assessments include a comparison to 500 000 leaders who have taken the LPI. This ensures leaders understand where they rank in comparison to other leaders. This data is far more important than the empirical data, and is a key feature of the LPI. Australian norm data is also available.
  • With only 30 questions, The LPI is the shortest leadership 360 in the market today, making it time efficient for users without sacrificing insight or quality.
  • The 30 questions have been repeatedly validated over a 25 year period, making them extremely robust.
  • The LPI has 4 open ended questions at the end of the 30 rating style questions. These 4 questions can be tailored according to organisational needs.
  • The LPI comes with both an individual and group reporting option i.e. clients can get group average reports for different divisions, the whole organisation etc.
  • Comparison reporting is also available for repeat assessments.
  • Reporting is in full colour.
  • The LPI comes with an e-mail based follow-up system, designed by WorkSmart. This system delivers leadership tips and practices via e-mail to LPI users over a 12 week period as a support to their post assessment practice.
  • The LPI can also be completed using a paper based system, and these results can be collated into the online system.
  • The LPI can accommodate unlimited number of observers per leader without any additional cost
  • The LPI is based on the best selling Leadership Challenge® research, a long standing model that has a wonderful resource base behind it in terms of books, articles, blogs, videos, training courses etc.