Transformational Leadership Training

Our transformational leadership training offering

We offer a total of 13 core transformational leadership training program modules for executives through to middle management and high potential groups. Each module ranges from 1 day up to 3 days. All of our modules can be offered standalone or interlinked with each other building a comprehensive long term leadership program that can span over a 1 to 3 year period. We also often tailored modules for clients (see design page). Our modules cover the following key leadership areas.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop


One of the world’s most popular leadership programs. Covers the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and debriefs the LPI 360 assessment. Based on 25 years of research, updated and contextualised for Australasia. To find out more about this specific workshop and public program dates, please click here

Mindfulness and Mindsets

2Self awareness and self management is a core competency for all leaders. We offer an extraordinary program in this area. So extraordinary we teach it within one of the world’s leading Exec MBA programs

Values Based Leadership

3This module covers the subject of leadership credibility – how to gain it and keep it. Credibility is the core of leadership.

Vision & Strategy

4Leaders need to find an intersection between 4 key disciplines in the area of vision and strategy. This program teaches them exactly how to do that, and in doing so become a truly visionary leader people want to follow.

Innovation and learning

5Leaders of today simply must find ways to help their teams and organisations learn faster and innovate more effectively. Based on cutting edge thought leadership, this program offers practical guidance on exactly how to build innovation and learning into the DNA of a team / organisation.

Building Teams


Every leader needs to build a team that has extremely high levels of trust. This program helps leaders understand exactly how teams disintegrate into low levels of functioning and trust and how to ensure their team functions at the highest levels



In order to truly develop people, leaders need to know how to coach both at an individual level and at a group level. This program is based on ICF Coaching principles – the global standard for coaching methodology



Unfortunately we still see too many Australasian leaders fall into the trap of abandoning or micromanaging their people. This program teaches leaders how to genuinely empower teams (even organisations). Includes career development conversations.

Encourage the Heart


In high-performing organizations, the work is intense. In order for people to persist at such a demanding pace, they need encouragement. This program teaches leaders exactly what motivates people in a complex workplace and therefore how to reward and motivate them in the right way at the right time.

Conscious Conversations


We use a model with 40 years of research behind it. Leaders must be able to consistently have frank, direct and honest conversations and at exactly the same time increase levels of engagement. Usually these are mutually exclusive. This life-changing program offers leaders the practical skills to be both totally honest and generate engagement and harmony – in all relationships – customers, suppliers, team members etc.

Personality Types


We choose to work with the Enneagram when looking at personality types. The Enneagram model is without doubt the deepest and most insightful personality typing model in the world today. It is also perfect for deeper leadership transformational work. We spent 5 years studying with the world’s best teachers in order to be able to offer this program with skill and integrity.



Research shows that Australia has a surprisingly low level of workplace accountability. This program is based on 3 major sources of accountability thought leadership. This program teaches both senior executives and middle management how to hold team members and peers accountable for the highest standards of behaviour and performance in a way that truly engages. 

Simulation game


We offer 3 different simulation games as a way to help leaders and teams understand their behaviour in a controlled setting. This can be extremely valuable for people who prefer learning through doing.

Making the learning stick


7 of our programs come with an extraordinary set of post-program follow up materials. These materials are designed to integrate the learning back into the workplace and took us 3 years to develop.

Country-wide Reach

We currently run leadership training programs for clients in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne but can also travel to Adelaide and Perth.  To find out more about our approach, individual programs, learning innovations or our Integrated Leader program please Contact Us

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