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Overall Michael’s Leadership Presentation was rated as 92% good – excellent; and his Mindfulness Presentation was rated as 100% good – excellent. Wow!

—Jonathan Atkin, referring to 2 keynotes Michael delivered to the 2015 FPA congress attended by over 900 delegates in Brisbane.

WorkSmart offers key note speeches on the following areas:


  1. Leading Great Workplaces in Australasia
    This talk draws on empirical data of over 75000 Australasian workers, and on 2000 hours of research, interviews and writing conducted by Michael Bunting and his renowned co-authors, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. It explores the importance of workplace engagement and its relationship to profitability and then covers the leadership keys needed to lift your organisation / team’s engagement and profitability. Full of quizzes, polls, leadership tips and entertaining stories of real Australasian leaders. Based on the book: Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand, The 5 Practices that Create Great Workplaces

  2. Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
    Leaders are no strangers to challenges; in recent years, businesses have experienced unprecedented layoffs, dismal sales, change at the speed of light, and the bankruptcy of major organisations. This talk covers a clear set of six actionable strategies, showing how extraordinary leaders navigate through uncertainty, hardship, disruption, transformation, transition, recovery, new beginnings, and other significant challenges
  3. Leadership Credibility, how its kept, lost and regained
    Trust in our leaders is at an all time low (Edelman Global Trust Survey). How did it get to this, and how do you recover trust and credibility and power on to extraordinary business results? This talk covers the keys to leadership and brand credibility and explains through real Australasian stories how leaders become and stay credible. Credibility is the single most important variant in leadership effectiveness and brand integrity. The talk includes real examples of values based Australasian leaders Michael has personally coached, worked with and interviewed.
  4. The 4 keys to Inspirational and Visionary Leadership
    Research from over 4 million people shows that leaders the world over struggle to be visionary and inspiring. This is particularly true of Australian and New Zealand leaders. Tall poppy syndrome plays a part in that, but not the only part. This inspiring talk will help you understand what a vision really is and how to dramatically improve engagement and results through a vision. The talk includes real examples of visionary Australasian leaders Michael has personally coached, worked with and interviewed.
  5. Leading Learning and Innovation
    This talk focuses in on what your leaders need to do to foster learning and innovation in your organisation. Michael’s research shows that leaders who constructively challenge the process gain increased engagement and better results from their teams and organisation. The problem is that many leaders are innovative themselves, but don’t know how to build an innovative culture. In this talk you will learn exactly how to build an innovative culture and teach your people “how to fish, instead of giving them fish”. The talk includes real examples of innovative Australasian leaders Michael has personally coached, worked with and interviewed.
  6. Unlocking the greatest potential in your organisation
    Research indicates that leaders who practice the combined skill of enabling others and mastering accountability make 6 times more profit than those who fail at one or both of these skills. Unfortunately that same research indicates only 6% of leaders do both well. This talk will help your leaders understand how to practice these seemingly paradoxical disciplines at the same time, and in doing so unlock the true potential of your organisation. This is a must for teams or organisations wanting to take the next step into higher performance. The talk includes real examples of Australasian leaders Michael has personally coached, worked with and interviewed.
  7. The 7 Principles for sustainably motivating people
    Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner research for Australia and New Zealand clearly shows that people sustainably give their best when recognised and rewarded beyond dollars and cents. The key lies in leadership behaviour and in the way leaders recognise their people. This talk covers the fascinating research behind the principle of “Encouraging the Heart” and includes the 7 core principles your leaders need to practice to get the very best out of their teams and organisation. The talk includes real examples of highly motivational Australasian leaders Michael has personally coached, worked with and interviewed.
  8. The Mindful Leader and the Six Stages of Awareness
    The way we’re working isn’t working. In a fast-paced world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. In response to this, TIME magazine’s front cover recently declared that there is a ‘Mindful Revolution’ underway. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Nike are now embracing ‘Mindful Leadership’ as the most powerful approach to unleashing productivity, performance and innovation. Even The World Economic Forum recently held over 25 sold-out sessions on the power of mindfulness.

    Michael teaches Mindfulness and Leadership on Sydney University’s award winning Executive MBA. This talk covers the same content taught on that program and will teach you how to cultivate a style of leadership that is both stress free and highly effective.

    *Note: Michael also teaches Stress Management version of mindfulness. Michael taught Ireland’s number 1 Mindfulness-based stress management program.


  1. Conscious Conversations—how to change your leadership, your culture and your life
    Research from over 400 000 people clearly shows that honesty is the number 1 thing we want and need from our leaders and our work colleagues. The difficulty is that too often “honest conversations” result in disengagement and alienation and if anything make the situation worse. Being avoidant and ignoring is not a productive or effective solution either. Drawing from a body of work with over 40 years of research behind it, You will learn how to have totally honest conversations AND increase trust, engagement and cooperation in your teams and organisation. This is a life changing skill that every human being should know.

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