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Our mission

WorkSmart Australia is a business that supports the development of truly conscious, mindful leaders predominately in a commercial setting. Leaders who are a model of compassion, ethics, honesty, mindfulness, commercial success and caring. Leaders who help us understand that doing well and doing good are 2 sides of the same leadership coin.

We started this business with a deep intent to make the world a better place, a more caring, conscious and honest place. Our disciplined measurement of this success is by organisational engagement score. But we aim to impact more than engagement. Our work also positively affects people's mental health, personal relationships, family relationships and even the way they raise their children.

What we do

We are Australia's only master certified trainers in the world's most researched leadership model, The Leadership Challenge®.. Our work however extends well beyond this model into other important leadership and team based competencies and behaviours.

We develop senior, middle and front line leadership effectiveness and overall staff engagement. Our process is long term and transformational, includes measurement, alignment consulting, leadership consulting, leadership training, leadership coaching, and some completely unique and ground-breaking solutions that make learning and growth really stick.

The majority of our client engagements involve organisation or division-wide leadership development that supports change initiatives and/or whole culture change. Our track record with major Australian and global organisations speaks for itself.

Why work with us?

  1. Because we make a measurable difference to your organisation. For example, one of our recent clients achieved a 7% jump in overall employee engagement, a reduction from 22% to 12% in staff turnover and a zero % loss of high potential talent over the duration of a long term program with us. For a full overview of the case study, click here.
  2. Because we change people lives for the better. We are deeply committed to authentic transformational change - and we've got the processes and systems to deliver it. It's why we are in this business.
  3. Because of how we work with you. Our core values are honesty, awareness, compassion and excellence. We take these extremely seriously, its part of what we teach… and without fail we make wonderful friendships with our clients. We really listen and learn with you and for you.
Leadership Challenge Introduction

Leadership Challenge Introduction

"Our colleagues at WorkSmart Australia are passionately committed to realizing a compelling vision: to create workplaces that achieve extraordinary results whilst also creating meaning and fulfillment for people. And in collaborating with WorkSmart I have no doubt that’s exactly what you’ll accomplish. We're honoured that WorkSmart is bringing The Leadership Challenge to Australia, and I encourage you to join them in making extraordinary things happen in your organization."

Jim Kouzes, coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and the Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University