Executive Coaching

Our business coaches

Our coaches have a mix of business degrees and psychotherapy / psychological post graduate degrees. All of our business coaches have undertaken a minimum of 10 years of disciplined self awareness practice and are formally trained in ICF coaching methodology. It is this mix that gives us the insight and skill to help our clients transform their mindset and behaviours within an organisational and business setting.

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Leadership & Executive Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Stress Management
  • Behavioural Challenges (specific challenges)
  • Conflict Management

Our approach

  • Understand First
    • We assess both formally and informally.
    • We contract with you for the results you want.
  • Go deeper
    • We help our clients see beneath the obvious, right down to the foundations of their assumptions and beliefs. This sets the platform for real transformation.
    • We help our clients fundamentally shift their mindset through various mindfulness practices (where relevant). We teach these methods at an Exec MBA program in Australia.
    • We help our clients understand those around them at a level that helps them get the very best out of those relationships.
  • Best Tools
    • We use cutting edge models like Immunity to Change (Kegan) to bring structure to deeper development processes
    • We use a large range of best practice ICF, EQ, Communication, Leadership etc. tools to augment the coaching process
  • Practice
    • Change never happens without disciplined accountable practice. We help our clients find the right practices and we ensure they are accountable for that practice. That delivers the change you want.
  • We measure
    • We measure the change before, during and after the coaching. We deliver measurable results.

Our coaching clients include:

  • CEO’s & Managing Director’s
  • Executive level team members
  • Senior managers
  • High potentials
  • Performance Management situations
  • Exec teams, teams and groups (on a range of different subjects)

For more detailed information on the specific executive coaching programs we have designed please contact us.

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