Cameron McRae

The ILP (Inspirational Leadership Program) has been running at Oyu Tolgoi now for some time, with all leaders from shop floor supervisor to CEO undertaking the program. The ILP is based on the approach of Kouzes & Posner (The leadership challenge – how to make extra-ordinary things happen in organisations).

Worksmart were engaged to help the ILP for a fledgling but large start -up company – Oyu Tolgoi LLC based in Mongolia. Oyu Tolgoi is managed by Rio Tinto but the ILP is not a part of the Rio Tinto suite of programs.

The challenge here was to help QUICKLY establish the correct leadership culture that would take a post-soviet but not yet internationalised group of leaders and get them to understand how to make OT genuinely world-class.

The ILP has had consistently excellent feedback from the leadership group participants, including myself. Worksmart’s Michael Bunting and Steve Heptonstall worked very collaboratively with Leah von Hagen (our Leadership and Training GM) to get the course set-up in record time, and the rollout to occur quickly.

Again the feedback from OT’s leaders that have done the ILP is that it has been genuinely transformational for them and they can see the benefits from an inspirational approach to leadership.

The Worksmart team are to be congratulated for the energy, passion and intelligence with how they deliver this life changing course.

Cameron McRae
President and CEO Oyu Tolgoi LLC