Our Values and Vision


Our values will always trump commercial considerations. We have spent years honing these values and ensuring we truly do Model the Way in this critical area. Our 3 values are our core identity:


  • To always act in complete integrity and transparency with each other. That includes zero triangulation
  • NEVER to take advantage of our client’s trust and goodwill through selling things they don’t need or overcharging on time or materials. If it isn’t contracted for or discussed up front, its not chargeable
  • To always step up and tell the truth even if its difficult. Our role is to help our clients improve their culture and their leadership. Honesty is at the core of that and we must courageously Model the Way, even if we risk upsetting our clients


  • To consistently challenge our processes, ideas, trainings and beliefs through seeking feedback and self reflection
  • To take 100% responsibility for our attitudes, words and actions. We NEVER blame others if our performance, mindfulness or behaviour is not impeccable
  • To practice compassion and understanding in every facet of our work lives. We refuse to engage in Jackal type thinking and behaviour. We go beyond that and see others as whole and worthy of compassion and understanding


  • The quality of our service needs to be better than good. It needs to consistently surprise and delight our clients and partners
  • The quality of our coaching, consulting and training needs to be at a level that redefines industry norms. We are setting a new benchmark for excellence and insight in our industry. We push the boundaries, we lead the way.
  • “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein


When we consider what the ultimate vision of our work is, we see a place:

  • A place where people find meaning and fulfillment not only in what they do, but the way they do it together
  • A place of extraordinary results
  • A place where people are respected and appreciated for who they are and the values they hold dear
  • A place where innovation and new mistakes are welcomed, where learning is encouraged and rewarded
  • A place where elephants in the room and the moose under the table are fearlessly addressed long before they stomp all over trust, creativity and commitment
  • A place where accountability, self responsibility and compassion stand side by side.
  • A place where people are always honoured with the truth, even when it is scary and difficult.
  • A place where people are inspired by visionary leaders who love them. Yes… love them.
  • A place where leaders hold the larger community at heart, and honour our children and our future through responsible decisions and actions
  • A place where people thrive on excellence, discipline and execution
  • A place that celebrates the wins together and lets people know they matter

We have a dream that values based leaders are not a nice to have, but a must have. We see thousands of extraordinary Australian leaders inspiring our kids to ask “Who do I want to be?” before they ask “What do I want to do?”; We have a dream that the choice between money or values seems incomprehensible and archaic.

Will you join us in our dream? Will you accept the leadership challenge we are faced with today?